Given that I am prone to shameful neglect of this blog then bouts of feverish writing, here is why: I am a mother of four, one of whom is going to school in the UK this year (it might be longer, but for this year, she is there). The three at home are 7,6 and 4. I also commute into a Very Big City four times a week to work in a Fortune 500 Company where I boss people around all day. Sometimes I threaten violence (big, big fan of Sun Tzu); mostly I am not actually violent. I am devoutly but non-invasively Christian (Charismatic Episcopal denomination) and I like liturgy. My husband works at an investment banker, is an adorable geek and drums. A lot. We live in the country and keep chickens (do a garden most years too…would like to be more self-sustaining).

So this is why my blog gets neglected sometimes.


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