Walking With Our Mothers

I can heal with my hands. It just arrived today, that this is what I need to do now.

Not the traditional laying on hands thing, where you’re sick or you have a pain and your church friends lay hands on you and intercede and you get well.

Not that kind. Not my gift.

We had a reading recently – the one with the gifts. I have been wondering what mine is. I can host some fun gatherings and I’m Southern, maybe it’s hospitality (but then my house is always a little messy so maybe not). I am a ham who loves public speaking (but in my church, women don’t preach, so maybe not). Hm.

I always said that when I turned 40, I would start my next career as a writer. So this week, I’ve been more frustrated than usual in my Fortune 500 job. It’s a nice job with very nice people and a nice boss, so clearly, the frustration is me, not it or them. I like Fortune 500 companies, this is my fourth. I like colleagues and this bunch are especially nice.

So that means it is nearing time. Sure enough, I’ll be forty next year…and who said I get to pick the time anyway?

I have novels stashed everywhere from when I was writing my PhD, because my brain just would not shut down at night. I have novels from when I escaped my marriage, a novel from ten years ago about being led to the right man (when I was about to marry the wrong one, isn’t that interesting), and a couple of novels bubbling in my head, but I think my first real project is going to be about women.

I have a vision of sitting down and talking to some of the most fascinating intriguing women I’ve ever heard of – like Ruth. Rebekah. Rachel and Leah. Eve. Mary Magdalene (and Martha, for whom I have great sympathy). Of course, Mary the Blessed Mother of God.

Why? These women and others travel the same path we all do as women.They have children, they worry about their children. They have husbands. If you are Bathsheba, you have two of them and you have some drama with both. Their stories are recorded for good reasons. Wonder what they can tell us modern women? I think probably plenty.

Even the not-so-great examples: Michal, publicly embarrassing her husband. David, rebuking her and sending her away. How do you rebuke the amazingly annointed and probably very appealing Kind David? What if it’s only nagging, or criticizing or neglect instead. Delilah and her loyalty issues. Sarah and her laughing. Sarah and her waiting for a child. Sarah and her only child turning into the great nation of Israel. Loaves and fishes, broken and feeding thousands. Amazing.

So I don’t have that healing touch. I am happy to pray for anyone, and happy to hand out hugs and pats and snuggles especially to my babies and their baby friends.

My hands have another mission: let me tell you about my walk, and about the walk of some of our fore-mothers and let’s heal together. Let’s learn what they learned. Let’s listen to their wisdom.


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