Cream Eggs and Cave Men

I was just fretting that my Sunday (ALLOWED) break from Lent wasn’t necessarily going to be a smart health move…baked up the rest of the chocolate chip cookies, and then bought Cadbury eggs because I like them (REALLY like them). They are gone barring the one I saved for my handsome husband.

He has been complaining because the size 31 waist pants are getting snug, so at 5’11” and almost 45, he is in a 32 waist. And maybe maybe 160 lbs after eating a whole pizza. This is not a fat dude.

But my fretting over my inability to stay away from chocolate for more than a week was interrupted by one of the science channels. Maybe that should be “science”.

I am fretted by the way certain areas of science are presented as facts, not as ongoing hypothesis. Physicists are very good about saying, this is a theory. We think this is true. We aren’t sure.

Behavioural scientists confess it when they are mystified by something some crazy person on the news did.

Why not also those concerned with human origins? (and Dinosaurs, but that is a different topic. I don’t want to digress into my thoughts on where the dragon legends present in every culture come from).

Why are the thoughts around these theories (and it is evolutionary THEORY not evolutionary FACT) presented as facts one can’t argue?

Show me the skeleton of a missing link, halfway between primate and human. Prove to me that “Lucy” isn’t a monkey. Explain carbon dating to me, without referencing tree rings, sediments or anything other than solid provable-in-a-lab proof. Show me an amoeba with ambition.

I don’t understand how we can look around us at the wonderful architecture, of say, St Peter’s Cathedral or even Canary Wharf without thinking, what amazing skill, what a good architect that must have been. Yet we look at infinitely more complex design in nature and people say, wow, that was an accident.

How many years have we been sitting in labs trying to create just the right ooze/boom combination, with no “life” created?  Yet during this same time period, we have developed antibiotics, artifical limbs and visited distant parts of our solar system.

Doesn’t physics tell us you can’t get matter without matter, and you can’t get energy without energy? I haven’t met a boom yet, big or otherwise, that has broken that law.

I just don’t have enough faith to be an athiest scientist evolutionist type.  I have trouble accepting wild conjecture with nary a bone to back it up. I need some proof.


2 comments on “Cream Eggs and Cave Men

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